Ever wondered if you could have it all? Could it be affordable? Offer your business protection? And be integrated across your business and available from wherever you are?

It’s a question we get asked a lot. The change in business demands means it’s not just a budget that defines a project anymore; it’s external factors such as cyber threats, breaches of downtime and a move to a more flexible mobile working environment. These all influence business drivers for change. As a business, the top concerns we are often approached with are:

  • Mobile working – How can my business be protected with mobile devices that can be stolen or lost?
  • Working in the cloud- Is access from anywhere safe?
  • As my business grows, how can I ensure all data is kept secure and backed up without spending a fortune?
  • Should the worst happen and our business has a break-in or fire, how long will it be until we get back online?
  • How can we ensure the business keeps up with the shifting compliance requirements?

Microsoft Office 365 can help answer all these questions…with their impressive Office 365 suite. Qloud IT has helped our customers’ businesses be more effective with the help of Office 365 and other Microsoft apps – here’s how:

1.Office 365 can offer you data protection, built-in at every level of your IT

  • Easier security such as Windows Hello facial and fingerprint recognition adds a safe layer of protection to your business. It’s as secure as you can get and no password is needed!
  • Built in protection with up-to-date anti-malware protection and Windows Defender. Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) in Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) detects and alerts you of any breaches. This in turn helps take the pressure off internal teams.
  • Mobile data protection and flexible working means this is a must for every business. Microsoft have built-in encryption capabilities like BitLocker and Enterprise Data Protection.

2.Easy, affordable data backup—ready when you need it

  • OneDrive for Business allows you to keep all your files synchronized and accessible from any devices at any time. On the road or in the office, you can collaborate with your team.
  • Azure back up provides secure back up with 99 Years of data retention for legal compliance. Yes 99 years! This has been a great USP for our Legal, Finance and Insurance clients.

3.Be back online in minutes when the unexpected happens

  • It’s vital that every business has a backup plan. With Microsoft Azure you can get your business back up and running in minutes when the unexpected happens, because it can happen and all without requiring any major capital expense.

4.Reduce risk with easier compliance

  • We all hate the C word, but it’s vital to running of your business. Microsoft helps take the pain points away by offering Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Policy Tips, which triggers an alert when sensitive information is about to be sent via email. The Office 365 suite also meets a range of industry and country requirements.

These are just a few examples of how Microsoft Office 365 has helped our customers, it really does offer a full range of features, from security, back up, data protection and ensures you can have a flexible business. I guess the question you should be asking is can your business survive without it?