Business Challenges

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Technology to solve real business issues

Technology needs to support the business by helping you to overcome challenges and achieve strategic goals.

We aim to identify where in your business you can get the highest return on investment from IT. We then provide technical recommendations that will help you to overcome business challenges, increase profits, boost efficiency and reduce risk.

Lack of time

Do you struggle to find time to actually work ON your business and address key strategic objectives?

When you get sucked into reactive mode, fire fighting, and day-to-day work, you lose energy for your most important (strategic) work, and it gets put off.

You need systems and processes in your business that reduce unnecessary work, and technology that increases speed, streamlines processes, and increases automation.

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Data security

Is it important to you that your (or your clients’) data is always accessible, secure and recoverable?

Data is critical to the running of your business. You couldn’t work without it and, for most organisations, its loss would be a disaster.

As data is one of the most important things in a business it makes sense to house it within technology that ensures fast and easy access, utmost security, and the ability to easily recover it if something goes wrong.

Improving efficiency

Are higher margins and greater EBITDA important to you?

One way of achieving this is to increase revenue per sale. Another way, which usually gets ignored, is to increase efficiency. Achieve the same output with less work, or achieve a greater output with the same work.

One of the biggest cost drivers in a business is people. Therefore it makes sense to try and make them more efficient. There’s huge potential to do this by improving the technology they use every day to make it faster, more accessible and more collaborative.


Why choose IT Department?

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Business growth

Is one of your strategic objectives to grow your business over the next 3 – 5 years?

Technology solutions exist to address challenges in every area of business. Technology in the form of cloud based CRMs and marketing solutions can directly impact revenue. Technology solutions also exist to improve processes in finance, HR, operations, etc. all of which impacts growth

IT problems

Do you find that IT problems often impact the productivity of your employees?

Technology supports almost everything in the modern workplace. When it goes wrong, there is a negative impact on productivity, growth, employee and customer satisfaction.

How much better would you be if your technology always worked?

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Fast and reliable 24/7 IT Support, both remote and onsite, to support your business or in-house IT team.


Email security, antivirus, penetration testing, and compliance to protect your business from attacks.

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Business continuity solutions, so you can continue working as normal, even in the event of a crisis.


Tailored expert knowledge and strategic recommendations to help you meet your business goals.

Cloud Service Concept

Cloud solutions, such as Microsoft 365, allow you to operate securely from anywhere, at any time.


Collaborate with our ultra-fast phone, connectivity, internet, audio, and video conferencing solutions.